Working with SLIGO

" Working with SLIGO " is delivered with a world-class corporate assurance!

We are flexible, result-oriented, and context-aware. We understand the needs of each stakeholder par industry standards. We provide the best technology solutions, leverage modern/digitally-enabled processes, and run people-centric operations.


Value to Clients

SLIGO is your direct pipeline for top-tier talent and top-notch consultants. We are your one-shop stop for Consulting & Right-to-Hire Solutions, Direct Placements, End-to-End Project Solutions, and Staff Augmentation Services.

We can be your strategic partner for innovative productization and end-to-end project solutions from conception-to-design-to-implementation-to-production support. You can rely on us for the sustenance and growth demanded by today's digital-savvy market.

Your needs for building Human Capital are empowered by our proven and optimized hiring framework - Hire3F™. With Hire3F™, your HR will get direct access to the filtered talent, avoiding the sifting of resumes and the hassles in screening.


Hire3F™ is designed to pick the best candidates before you even meet them!


We get you the right "Fit" talent from a large pool of suitable candidates aligned with your budget and skillsets.


We are always "Faster" than our peers in terms of picking talent quickly and efficiently (organically and through partners).


We are "Flexible" in terms of scaling up/down, locations, and engagement periods/models.

Value to Employees

Careers at SLIGO are designed with utmost care and human values. We are, and continue to be, the "employer of choice" in our focus industries, technologies, and territories.

Our HR team stands as a group of your friends as you get onboard. Our employee-facing policies are on par with global industry standards yet customized for each individual who works with commitment.

While you have direct access to the HR dept with a human touch, most of the mundane processes are fully automated so that you have a seamless experience working with SLIGO.

You can connect with the senior management, our seasoned mentors, and the general support teams whenever you need them. Our founders and the core team groom you into a working partner more than an employee with a fixed role.

We are well-versed with the Knowledge Economy we live in. We always strive to resolve your productivity issues, compensate well, provide learning opportunities that uplift you and create paths for you to grow with us.

The industry exposure you get through sponsored webinars & events, certifications, and the opportunities such as being a published author in our corporate blog will undoubtedly extend your wings outside your daily job.

We are a people-first company.

Exciting careers await you.

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