IT Consulting and Staffing

SLIGO brings you the abundant human capital needed for
IT sustenance and business agility the digital market demands today.

We have a consistent and repeatable track record of delivering skilled IT professionals for the industry’s technology needs. In the recent past, our IT professionals have modernized several legacy systems with the digital/cloud/mobility landscape. Our people have repurposed enterprise data with cloud-based data stores, modern analytics, and ML-based use cases for business innovation and new revenue channels to clients from several industries.

SLIGO’s staffing solutions and core competencies for hyper-targeting the right talent are encapsulated into a proprietary, time-tested framework, Hire3F (™) - Fit, Faster, and Flexible. Hire3F (™) is a 360° people-centric framework that caters to our broad spectrum of clients, including system integrators, public sector organizations, and private enterprises of all sizes.


Consulting & Right-to-Hire Solutions

For businesses looking to hire top talent, we provide premier consultants curated by understanding your technology goals and the current job market. You can engage our consultants one-off or with the Right-to-Hire, Temp-to-Perm, and Contract-to-Hire options as a mutual win-win.

Expert Consulting

Our consultants work closely with you to understand your business needs and create customized technology solutions that align with your IT roadmap. Our internal assessment panel clearly understands the expertise of each consultant you get. We give you adequate information for decision-making, enabling your operational excellence with our consultants.

Access to Top Talent

In addition to our in-house teams, we have an extensive network of IT professionals across various industries, regions, and technologies (including consultants who are not actively seeking new opportunities but are open to the right offer). Rest assured; we get you the best!

Risk Mitigation with Flexibility

With our flexible right-to-hire option, you can evaluate our consultants on their skills and cultural fitness before hiring full-time and minimize the risk. You can mutually add them to your core team only after vetting their productivity and suitability.

Calendar and Cost-Effectiveness

As your prime vendor, we help you identify and attract the best candidates for your immediate as well as upcoming job openings in the fiscal year. Your organization can bank on us for cost-effective IT recruitment without the expense of traditional hiring methods and fluctuating calendar.

End-to-End Resource Management

Our dedicated account managers and recruiters take the onus throughout the hiring process, right from identifying the top talent to negotiating the offers. A smooth onboarding without any transitioning issues is a promise from SLIGO.

Whether you are looking to fill a single consulting position for a fixed term or build a long-term team of top talent by testing their fitness, we provide IT consultants that accomplish your hiring goals.

Direct Placements

We provide direct placements of top-tier talent and eliminate the traditional overheads and complexities in expanding your in-house human capital. Our team creates a pipeline of highly suitable IT professionals for your full-time positions with measurable ROI.

JD-based Hyper-targeting

Our team deeply understands your Job Descriptions (JDs) and business goals before hyper-targeting the prospective employees. As an enabler for talent acquisition, we closely watch the market and technology trends to serve companies that embrace digital transformation on the old and new technology stacks, a digital-first approach to new app/product initiatives, and an overall digital platform economy for business agility.

Coverage @ Employment Levels

SLIGO has an extensive network of IT professionals from all levels and niches, including software engineers, team leads, senior tech architects, data engineers/analysts, project managers, and senior management. Our in-house recruiters and partner ecosystem handles people at all levels as you need.

Coverage @ Technology Expertise

We have direct access to job seekers in Enterprise Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Full-stack, Cloud/SaaS Solutions, Mobile Apps, and QA/Testing Tools. For the leftover yet vital few, we can also get you the people with expertise and experience on the legacy systems

Organizational Alignment

We tailor our selection/screening/negotiating approach by considering your specific technology needs, budget, and corporate culture. We are proud to say that we also cater to your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) manifesto.

Speed and Quality

The fast turnaround time to fill positions does not sacrifice the quality or fit! From a Knowledge Management perspective, we ensure the candidates are self-starters and can study your existing systems quickly.

We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional placements that help them grow and succeed. Contact us today to learn more about our Direct Placement services for your IT positions.

Staff Augmentation

From its inception, SLIGO has helped various organizations meet their tech productivity goals by augmenting the engineering capacity with a contingent workforce across technologies, both with legacy and modern skills.

Context-specific Staffing

Whether you are looking for a quick ramp-up for a non-critical/temporary IT project or want to meet the demands of a strategic technology initiative for scale, our team can get the IT staff you need with minimal interventions from your organization and well within your budget.

Streamlined Onboarding/Quick Integration

We strive to provide you with professionals that quickly integrate into your existing teams and start working on projects immediately, reducing the time it takes to get your applications to the market and deliver new customer experiences.

Scalability (Accelerated Ramp-up/Ramp-down)

We respond to your changing needs, be it catering to the retiring and upcoming technologies or increasing/decreasing the team sizes the fastest way upon short notice.

Confidentiality & Security

We provide staff to organizations that need additional security checks on candidates for clandestine projects. Our staff handles intellectual property (IP) and data that require stringent security controls with multi-level non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), among other measures.

Get in touch for your contingent staffing needs.

Noteworthy @ SLIGO

    Collaboration via Managed Services

    We have successfully implemented several staff augmentation projects that go beyond Time & Material. We have provided Managed Services that assure Definitive Deliverables with the Quality Ratings we mutually agreed with our clients. Drop us a line if you are looking for such a value-add from a staffing vendor.

    Business Resilience and Continuity

    Leadership @ SLIGO always works towards the abundant value you get from us. During the pandemic, we have enabled Cross- functional People Strategies in addition to the Distributed/Remote Work Models. We crossed the barriers together with our clients, and enabled Business Continuity.

Let's Connect and Create Something Great Together

Hire3F is designed to pick the best candidates before you even meet them!


We get you the right "Fit" talent from a large pool of suitable candidates aligned with your budget and skillsets.


We are always "Faster" than our peers in terms of picking talent quickly and efficiently (organically and through partners).


We are "Flexible" in terms of scaling up/down, locations, and engagement periods/models.

Top-down, every individual at SLIGO is passionate about harnessing the right talent
to take your business to the next level. With our comprehensive people-centric business strategy,
SLIGO helps your IT cost-effectively achieve its talent acquisition goals.

Build abundant human capital!