August 15, 2023

SLIGO ranked in Inc. 5000, 2023 - An Endorsement to Our Growth Journey


SLIGO proudly announces our inclusion in the Inc. 5000 list for 2023, a significant milestone in our relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of IT staffing and related services.

Our rank of #1115 among the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. speaks volumes about our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-centric service. Our state rank of #82 and rank of #136 within our category, "Business Products & Services," highlight our stronghold in New York, specifically in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area, where we are honored to be ranked #3, serving customers all over the US.

A Journey of Growth and Success

Since our inception eight years ago, SLIGO's growth has been nothing short of remarkable, backed by the operational excellence of the core team. Our success in the past four years, where we've seen a transformative expansion in revenue, has earned us the recognition of Inc. 5000 – placing us in America’s fastest-growing private companies.

Our growth strategy, rooted in providing world-class quality staffing solutions to governmental agencies and private enterprises alike, has allowed us to build bridges across various industry sectors. One of our operational accelerators, the unique Hire3F™ model for Talent Acquisition, symbolizing "Fit," "Fast," and "Flexible" aspects, has helped us tailor our offerings, respond swiftly, and adapt to the dynamic requirements of the IT industry.

Triumphing Over Pandemic Pressures

Navigating through the pandemic's unprecedented challenges, SLIGO's resilience has stood out. We have maintained our commitment to quality, staffed critical technology work onsite at New York Government agencies, and supported communities' access to essential remote services.

Our progressive approach to digitalization and digital transformation has played a crucial role in our business continuity during the pandemic, maintaining the upward growth curve.

Excellence in Government Collaborations

Our work with government projects reflects our philosophy of creating a safer, better, and more efficient digital world. Our dedication in this domain ranges from training our Client Managers on Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) to acquiring comprehensive security clearances in handling sensitive data.

New Initiatives for the Private Enterprises

Our recently launched offering, end-to-end Turnkey Solutions, powered by a dedicated unit, the Productization Center-of-Excellence (PCoE) supports the digital innovation driving today’s world and the new-age consumer experiences. We are foraying into a new set of competent offerings that combine our experience in Data Analytics and the practical usage of AI/ML that we are witnessing today.

A Heartfelt Thank You

SLIGO extends heartfelt gratitude to our remarkable team, esteemed clients, and trusted partners. Without your relentless support, our thrilling journey into the Inc. 5000 would not have been possible.

As SLIGO embarks on its next chapter from here, the trust and our continued associations will foster the abundant talent and technology solutions.

Febraury 5, 2019

SLIGO unveils Hire3F™ for Accelerated Staffing Services


SLIGO brings Hire3F™, a methodical framework, to accelerate its recruitment services for the IT departments of public sector organizations and large enterprises. Hire3F™ combines years of experience in recruiting, optimized processes, the power of connected partners, and an array of internal tools. Hire3F™ provides top-notch talent that is the right "Fit", delivered "Faster" than ever, in a "Flexible" way to align with the changing needs in digitally-focused organizations.

Large organizations face numerous challenges in the dynamic job market today. SLIGO has seen the need for a unified framework/solution to provide abundant human capital on demand. According to Glassdoor, an average corporate job opening attracts around 250 résumés. Typically, only four to six get shortlisted for an interview, and one gets the job. This highlights not only the competition for vacancies but also the exhaustive hiring process. SLIGO addresses this practically, efficiently, and methodically with Hire3F™ and by collaborating with IT departments as a prime staffing vendor.

FIT - The Right Candidate for the Right Job

Finding the perfect match from a pool of candidates can be daunting. This is where Hire3F™ steps in. Our innovative technology uses AI and big data analytics to scan through applications, focusing on more than just technical capabilities. It gauges a candidate's alignment with the team, role, and overall organizational culture. This helps HR managers cut through the clutter and connect with potential employees who can integrate well with their teams and corporate values.

FASTER - Accelerating the Hiring Process

Traditional hiring processes are often long-drawn, which can significantly drain resources. Hire3F™'s "Faster" principle uses automation and intelligent systems for shortening the hiring timeline. The experts at SLIGO have advanced ways to complete the pre-screening faster than before. This allows SLIGO's clients (HR) to redirect their efforts towards more strategic tasks, ensuring they stay productive and efficient.

FLEXIBLE - Catering to Diverse Staffing Needs

In the ever-changing landscape of IT, a rigid recruitment approach can hamper growth. Hire3F™ offers "Flexible" staffing solutions to meet varied business needs. Be it permanent hires, temporary staffing, or specialized project teams, SLIGO adapts its services to fit your requirements. We continually invest in the Learning and Development of the candidates on evolving technologies and tools.

As per the leadership team at SLIGO, "Hire3F™ is a refreshing, pragmatic addition to the staffing industry, addressing the existing challenges in the hiring process for public sector IT departments and enterprises alike."

Team SLIGO is confident that its approach towards ensuring the right fits, speeding up the hiring process, and providing flexible solutions will streamline and enhance its recruitment efforts in current and future engagements.

November 1, 2018

SLIGO launches a Productization CoE for Business Excellence


SLIGO launches a Productization CoE for Business Excellence, helping organizations bring their products to market quickly and efficiently. The company promises to reduce the expensive and time-consuming product engineering process via expert consultants who mitigate the risks and uncertainty in the fast-evolving digital world. The CoE collaborates with the clients to deliver the product features and customer experience (CX) standards needed today.

The Productization CoE at SLIGO creates a guided framework with the right design and incremental features needed to build top-notch products and apps. The CoE team helps with market research services for competitive analysis and feasibility study on the solutions, essential features, tools, and technology stack covering the "design to implementation" plans for the clients. Clients can leverage the reference architectures from the CoE to build mobile apps that ease consumer reach, backend data-analysis solutions for decision-making, and cloud-based services. The initiatives can range from "Minimum Viable Products" (MVP) to full- fledged "Software as a Service" (SaaS) solutions.

"We are ready to collaborate on ideation, design, development, go-to-market, production support activities, and essentially all the critical stages in delivering value to our client's market.", Satish Busarapu, CEO of SLIGO, said. The services of CoE are offered in proximity to New York as well as remote/distributed locations. In addition to the consultation from the CoE, the company provides end-to-end services through its in-house teams and with a vetted network of partners, he added.