Cloud Services

As part of our built to scale approach to IT, SLIGO often tailors solutions to leverage the convenience and affordability of cloud-based services when they’re a good fit for a client’s specific needs.

Cloud services are convenient on a number of levels. Integrating the cloud in your IT solution enables you to access the same data and resources available on the server at your office from just about anywhere – so long as your device is connected to the Internet.

This access also means greater security and backup power. Should something happen to your on-premise system, you can still recover everything from the cloud. In addition, cloud-based solutions can be set up in substantially less time than most traditional on-site IT solutions – we’re talking implementation that takes just hours to days versus weeks to months.

SLIGO utilizes cloud services from third-party vendors such as Google, Microsoft and McAfee instead of offering homegrown solutions. Unlike many other IT consulting firms, which market their own rebadged, low-budget cloud service platforms that aren’t as reliable, robust or secure, we believe clients deserve the best solutions out there from the leading names in the industry. As a result, our clients never have to worry about being held hostage by investing in a subpar cloud services platform that only SLIGO offers.